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Complementary treatments for lameness in horses.

Equine Natural Therapy concentrates on the tendon injuries and joint diseases which are the major causes of lameness in horses and the natural therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, equine spa hydrotherapy and massage which are most relevant to their treatment.

The focus is entirely on natural therapies which have been adopted into the mainstream by many veterinary practitioners as complementary to, and in some cases, the preferred alternative to conventional treatments. The more esoteric alternatives such as magnetic therapy have been omitted.

As well as remedies for lameness, there is a significant collection of articles from around the world on the structure of equine joints together with the main causes and diagnosis of common joint and tendon problems to which horses are particularly prone.

It should be noted that all treatment of horses (or any animal for that matter) in the UK must be carried out under the supervision of a Veterinary Surgeon. The prescription of drugs or any surgery must not be carried out by unqualified individuals.


Acupuncture has used effectively for the treatment of ailments in humans for thousands of years but it is only now becoming accepted, particularly in the US, as a suitable treatment for horses.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has it supporters and detractors but some horse owners and vets are confident that positive results have been achieved.


The use of sea water as a preventative as well as curative medium for horses has been common practice for centuries. Where access to the sea is not an option the hosing down of horses legs with cold water is used worldwide in the treatment and prevention of lameness.

In the last 10 years, however, there has been significant progress and research into the use of cold water hydrotherapy, or cryotherapy, in the treatment of equine lameness. Australia and the US have been at the forefront of this development.


Massage is another field which is used extensively in the treatment and training of human athletes. The benefits of equine massage has gradually gained credence and equine massage specialists are now available in many parts of the country.

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